Chair Initiative

HECTOR BALDERAS | Chair | 2019

Using Technology to Improve Social Justice

Building on the AGA’s Cyber Security efforts, General Balderas’s Initiative will focus on bringing together leaders from the corporate, nonprofit and government sectors to utilize technology to strengthen our economy and improve public safety outcomes. Expanded collaboration among leading privacy and security researchers, academics, industry representatives, consumer advocates, law enforcement and government entities will address national and international cyber security concerns.

This very important educational initiative is one which explores and expands the multifaceted elements of implementing cyber security programs and protocols. Further, through this effort, impacts on society and often, on those who are most vulnerable, are brought to light as it intersects with public policy, data security and law enforcement actions. Finally, we will examine the gig economy and its impact of disruptive technology as it relates to justice.

The basis of this initiative will include but not be limited to the following;

Protecting Children, Families and Consumers:

  • Enhanced enforcement of child online privacy protection laws
  • Utilization of technology to assist law enforcement in combatting criminal activities such as fraud and money laundering with the use of biometric facial recognition protocols
  • Utilization of technology to address issues specific to economic disparity like tax refunds and expedited Medicare/Medicaid payments

Protecting Personal Data Privacy:

  • Strengthening and collaboration of data breach notification laws
  • Implementation of safeguards against scams and the emerging electronic consumer marketplace

Protecting Against Human Trafficking:

  • Creation of a multi-district communications solution that uses secured and encrypted communications for investigators
  • Utilization of a technological tools which enhance and strengthen our ability to conduct investigations and communicate with agents in multiple jurisdictions without fear of having those channels compromised

Through this initiative, state attorneys general will jointly address cyber security as one of the greatest threats to our nation. It is envisioned that an advisory board of stakeholders to include corporate, nonprofit and technology leaders will be assembled to provide support and input relating to our economy and the various public safety components of the initiative. General Balderas’s will also use the experienced gained by his office through their current bi-national, multi-state cyber security pilot project supporting the efforts of law enforcement across our international lines.

AGA Chair’s Initiative
January 13–15, 2020
Santa Fe, New Mexico