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Cybersecurity Working Group

With an ever-increasing focus on cybersecurity, state attorneys general are turning their attention from discussions and dialogue, to action. This form of electronic crime is perceived as an ever-increasing threat to not only consumers and businesses, but toward national security.

An active group of attorneys general, senior staff, and internal cybersecurity experts have come to the realization that independently, individual states cannot effectively deal with this criminal activity. In their view, having the ability to coordinate actions across multistate jurisdictions and in collaboration with private sector experts, would lay the foundation for a national cyber crime initiative with teeth.

Specific working group goals include:

  1. Developing a strategy that is measurable and can be defined by what is accomplished.
  2. Identifying the best companies in this space who can come to the table to coalesce such an effort.
  3. Establishing the parameters of a high level public-private partnership initiative to work collaboratively in bringing the most effective resources to the forefront of this fight.

Most often, companies are asking state attorneys general to assist them in their many efforts to positively impact public policy. This is a time when state attorneys general have heard that request and are responding to marshall all forces available to begin dealing with this situation. This a unique opportunity for industry leaders to sit at the table in an attempt to identify solutions towards this ever-increasing threat.

This limited, invitation only AGA group allows for follow-up to the preliminary sessions held over the past 18 months, where initial ideas and pilot programs were implemented. At each working group meeting, the AG’s and key technology staff set the stage with regard to the greatest issues they are facing. They also elaborate on what tools they have as constitutionally elected law enforcement officials to unleash on criminals.

Private sector participants will regularly be asked to identify the biggest issues they are facing and what tools they they have developed which might be part of a collaborative solution.

This is a unique opportunity being undertaken by AGA and the attorneys general. As referenced, it is by invitation only. These will be closed door sessions not open to the public or uninvited registrants.

This active working relationship is of benefit to all participants and has the potential to have a profound impact on public policy.

If you are interested in participating, please contact AGA Program Coordinator Andrea Friedman at AFriedman@agalliance.org .