Cybersecurity Working Group

State attorneys general are turning their cybersecurity focus from discussions and dialogue to action. These electronic crimes are an ever-increasing threat to consumers, businesses and national security. The cybersecurity working group will provide interested parties an opportunity to dialogue on how mutual data security and privacy efforts might preserve online safety, protect consumers and ensure the rule of law while also respecting the role of states to regulate such efforts.

Working group members include Attorneys General, senior staff, and specialized cybersecurity investigators and prosecutors. As operators in the field, these experts have realized that individual states are at a disadvantage in addressing these criminal activities. Having the ability to coordinate actions across jurisdictions and in collaboration with the private sector lays the foundation for national anti-cybercrime efforts with effective deterrent consequences.

Cybersecurity Working Group Objectives:

• Using open discourse to develop proactive measures that ensure online consumer safety.
• Identifying noteworthy and successful partners in the cyberspace to offer industry insights and best practices.
• Promoting a high-level public-private partnership initiative to work collaboratively in bringing the most effective resources to the forefront for all parties.

This limited, invitation only AG Alliance group generally meets three to four times annually. At each meeting, the Attorneys General and key technology staff present the greatest issues they are facing regarding cybersecurity and elaborate on effective tools for law enforcement.

Private sector participants share their expertise as cyber risks & threats are identified and addressed while members work in a collaborative manner to develop solutions.

If you are interested in participating, please email AGA General Counsel David Blake at