Sports Betting Subcommittee


In the wake of Murphy v. NCAA, states are addressing sports gambling legalization on a state by state basis. Given this dynamic and rapidly changing legal environment, State Attorneys General are being asked to provide review, advice and potential enforcement of legislative sports gambling proposals now and in future sessions. Many Attorneys General are responsible for providing briefings, opinions and drafting assistance to their legislatures regarding the legal obstacles and parameters for sports betting within their state. AGA’s Sports Betting Subcommittee was created to support Attorneys General and their staff in these efforts.

Attorneys General play integral roles in partnering with regulators, law enforcement, and industry to curtail illegal sports betting. If states decide to legalize and regulate sports betting, Attorneys General will be looked to as the legal knowledge leaders in shaping policies that will protect consumers within legal gaming operations and platforms, while enforcing the legal regime against illegal gambling enterprises. The committee will continue to examine the use of technology and the lessons learned from other states and countries who have tackled these issues through the review and recommendations of best paths forward to serve the interests of consumers, states, regulators and law enforcement.

Having already met twice, the subcommittee has discussed and analyzed the following topics:

  1. Federal law affecting sports gaming
  2. Post-Murphy state statutory responses
  3. Federal Wire Act concerns
  4. Marketplace oversight
  5. Legislative updates
  6. Balancing bookmaking and game data integrity
  7. Understanding the economics of game fixing & identification, to name a few.

If you are interested in joining the Sports Betting Subcommittee, please contact AGA Program and Digital Manager Andrea Friedman at