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Founded in the West, CWAG has always been a home for western state Attorneys General to collaborate on traditionally western issues like public lands, water rights and tribal issues. With associate members joining from all over the country, and transnational legal issues emerging around the world, our interests and expertise have ventured beyond the boundaries of the West.

The Alliance Partnership in Mexico and the Africa Alliance Partnership have reached new heights, fighting against transnational criminal activity that knows no borders. We all suffer the effects of cybercrime, money laundering and human trafficking rings that reach into our states. Attorneys General around the world can be our allies in protecting our citizens at home.

So while CWAG continues to focus on our core western issues, the Attorney General Alliance will take on emerging issues like cannabis regulation, sports betting, and cybercrime as well as our growing international relationships. We are an alliance of Attorneys General, federal, state and foreign officials, and public and private sector partners throughout the world. We are the Attorney General Alliance.