Organized Retail Crime


Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is an increasingly troubling issue and is at the forefront of the interests of Attorneys General across the nation. These rings are often involved in other criminal networks within their communities, including narcotics, money laundering and human trafficking. This is not a new fight in the U.S.; it has cost retailers and consumers billions of dollars. There is, however, a growing level of cooperation between the public and private sectors to combat these crimes. AG Offices have launched units to tackle ORC in their states, and retailers and eCommerce sites are spending more time and resources on preventing theft in their storefronts and online while working closely with law enforcement officials. These relationships are critical to the future of consumer safety.

ORC Working group members include Attorneys General, senior staff, and private sector partners in retail and eCommerce. This joint public and private partnership was created to combine efforts and help share information including best practices for AGOs and law enforcement, and current trends and statistics.

ORC Working Group Co-Chairs

     Attorney General Christopher Carr, Georgia


Attorney General Kwame Raoul, Illinois