Ginsburg/Scalia Initiative

Under the guidance of Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, who served as AGA’s Chairman in 2022, AGA focuses on the need to move away from polarization and toward renewing and rebuilding institutions that connect us to one another and foster empathy. Stronger relationships between public officials from different countries and backgrounds can de-escalate the heated rhetoric that is eroding trust, undermining collaborative problem-solving, and increasing levels of hateful speech and violence in modern society.

The Ginsburg/Scalia Initiative: Towards a More Perfect Union Through Dialogue and Collaborative Problem Solving highlights how leaders can address the rising levels of tribalism, or political sectarianism, by following the lead of former U. S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia.

Cybersecurity & Cryptocurrency

State attorneys general continue turning their cyber focus from discussions and dialogue to action. Cybercrimes are an ever-increasing threat to consumers, businesses and national security and cryptocurrency is a rapidly changing industry. The cybersecurity working group provides interested parties an opportunity to dialogue on how mutual data security and privacy efforts might preserve online safety, protect consumers and ensure the rule of law while also respecting the role of states to regulate such efforts.

Organized Retail Crime

Organized Retail Crime, or “ORC” refers to professional shoplifting or other theft occurring in retail stores, often resulting in the sale of stolen goods online. AG Offices have launched units to tackle ORC in their states. This group works to understand and discuss the legal landscape and potential solutions related to organized retail crime.


The Cannabis Project provides interested parties an opportunity to dialogue on how cannabis legalization might preserve public health and safety, protect consumers and ensure the rule of law, while also respecting the role of states to innovate and experiment as laboratories of democracy.

Sports Betting & Online Gaming

Attorneys General play integral roles in partnering with regulators, law enforcement, and industry to curtail illegal sports betting.

Human Trafficking

Attorneys General often foster public-private partnerships to combat human trafficking and provide resources to victims.

Rule of Law

The Attorney General Alliance’s Rule of Law International Program focuses on providing opportunities for US state attorneys general and key leadership staff to meet – in person – with foreign government, nonprofit, and academic leaders across the globe to collaborate, learn, and address international legal and criminal issues. Just as our programs in Mexico and Africa focus on promoting the fair and equal application of the law, our Rule of Law Program has provided the opportunity to do the same at the highest levels of government from Africa to Asia and virtually every continent.