Our Mission

The Attorney General Alliance (AGA) began as the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG), a 501c3 nonprofit organization and bipartisan group of 15 western states and three territories. Built on a foundation of fostering collaboration between western AG offices, CWAG has long maintained a focus on issues in the fields of Native American, natural resources, public lands, minerals, and energy law.

As our relationships grew and our organization matured, new partnerships were formed from all over the country, and transnational legal issues emerged around the world. Our interests and expertise necessarily ventured beyond the boundaries of the West.

By 2019, our network had expanded to over 40 U.S. states and territories, and the scope of our mission had grown considerably. While we strove to maintain our traditional focus on western state issues, we recognized that emerging national and international legal issues could also benefit from AG collaboration.  CWAG formed the Attorney General Alliance (AGA) to meet address those issues.

CWAG continues to focus on issues of interest to the western states, while AGA takes on emerging issues like cannabis regulation, sports betting, and cybercrime. We continue to expand our international relationships through Rule of Law programing as the Alliance Partnership in Mexico and the Africa Alliance Partnership in Africa.

Together, we are an alliance of Attorneys General, federal, state, and foreign officials, and public and private sector partners throughout the world who come together to address complex issues in law and policy.

Our People

Karen White
Executive Director
Tania Maestas
Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel
Frank Collins
Chief Financial Officer
Alejandra Stephens
Director, Sponsorship, Membership & Events
Jason Isaak
Director of External Affairs
Selene Collins
Administrative Director, Alliance Partnership
Bruce L. Turcott
Legal Editor, Cannabis Law Deskbook, Cannabis Project
Tegan White
Manager, Meetings & Events
Paige Stiles
Program Assistant
Ricardo Balderrama
Program Coordinator, Alliance Partnership
Patricia Salazar
Legal Assistant
Joy Orr
Administrative Assistant
Clay Smith
Chief Editor, American Indian Law Deskbook, CWAG
Fronda Woods
Assistant Editor, American Indian Law Deskbook, CWAG

CWAG Executive Committee

Aaron Ford
Nevada Attorney General
Treg Taylor
Alaska Attorney General
Raul Torrez
New Mexico’s Attorney General