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Attorney General Actions on Human Trafficking and drugs

October 8, 2020

Combating Human Trafficking

Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes was pleased and honored to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Distinguished Citizen Medal for his honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism to the community. The award is due to Attorney General Reyes’ work on human trafficking, and increasing awareness of the crimes associated with human trafficking around the world.

Cannabis, Tobacco and E-cigs

New Jersey voters will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana next month. The ballot measure, if passed, would amend the state constitution to allow people ages 21 and older to use marijuana. It would also allow the state to establish a regulated market to grow, distribute and sell the drug.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson  and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra led a coalition of 43 attorneys general in urging the creative community to take action to protect young viewers from tobacco imagery in streamed movies and programs.

The coalition directed letters to five creative guilds as part of an ongoing effort to reduce youth exposure to tobacco. Last year, the coalition sent letters urging the streaming industry to limit tobacco imagery in their video content.