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December’s Data Privacy & Big Tech News

December 17, 2020

Utah’s Attorney General Sean Reyes announced that Utah joined 10 states in a multi state lawsuit against Google for anticompetitive practices and deceptive misrepresentations in online display advertising. You can read the lawsuit here.

On the same subject Facebook‘s General Counsel issued a response regarding recent lawsuits filed by the FTC and the United States Federal Trade Commission and a coalition of 47 other attorneys general. The lawsuit seeks to end Facebook’s illegal monopoly by challenging Facebook’s monopolistic practices, including its aggressive strategy to buy or bury potential rivals.  You can read Facebook’s response here and read more about the multi-state lawsuit here.

On good news Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Lumen Technologies, formerly known as CenturyLink, announced that the company will invest $2 million in fiber-optic infrastructure across Arizona, more on that here.