Social Justice & Equity


Over the past year, communities across the country have reassessed their treatment of minorities and other under-represented populations. To facilitate dialogue in the Attorney General community, the Attorney General Alliance has partnered with our member offices and private sector partners to create a series of conversations exploring issues related to social justice and social equity. We are excited to announce 2021 as the inaugural year of this forum and we look forward to sharing programing focused on these issues.


January: Mental Health and Police Enforcement

January 7th at 11 AM EST

Mental health training for police officers needs to be improved upon, as they continue to act as the first responders and intervenors in often stressful and tense situations with civilians. Police officers face the challenges of evaluating and managing an individual’s physiological well-being and are often unprepared to do so. They are frequently forced into high-pressure situations with very little training on how to assess a civilian’s mental health illness. As a community, we need to remove the stigmas associated with mental illness and help advocate for better training of police officers to connect with individuals, reduce negative confrontations and foster an environment of de-escalation rather than deadly outcomes.

February: Social Justice Cause Marketing and Consumer Protection

February 11th at 11 AM EST

Attorney General Clare Connors of Hawaii facilitated a conversation regarding cause marketing and consumer protection.

April: HATE Crimes and the Internet

Held on April 8th  at 2 PM EST

AG Alliance Co-Chair and Attorney General of Washington D.C. Karl Racine facilitated a conversation on HATE and the Internet. Topics included Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act; state expansion and standardization of data collection and reporting; increasing understanding and equipping the Attorney General community to counter hate and hate related violence.

May: A Community United: A National Convening Against Anti-AAPI Hate

Held on May 4th at 12:00 PM EST

Attorney General Tong (CT), Attorney General Racine (D.C.), and the Attorney General Alliance hosted state Attorneys General, panelists, and attendees for A COMMUNITY UNITED: A National Convening Against Anti-AAPI Hate. This national convening paired leading experts across government and industry with a focus on educational and actionable steps that can be used to address the rise of hate targeting the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

May: State and Local Responses to Rising Hate

Held on May 18th at 3 PM EST

Attorney General Karl Racine of Washington D.C. was joined by leaders from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League to explore the rise of hate incidents and hate groups across the U.S., and to present on how their organizations are helping state and locals governments respond.