Interdisciplinary Exchange


The Interdisciplinary Exchange brings together the members of the ‘investigative trilogy,’ the prosecutor, the investigator, and the forensic scientist, to explore the teamwork needed to investigate a case and take it to trial. Experienced US instructors share a practical perspective of working as a team, covering the investigation phase, and the preparation and presentation of the case at trial. The Exchange is predominantly practical, with learn-by-doing exercises culminating in a mock trial. The Exchange is presented live and simultaneously via videoconference, where another team of experienced US instructor lead the practical exercises. Each Interdisciplinary Exchange includes an element of train-the-trainer programming, so participants can share information and replicate aspects of the exchanges with their colleagues. In addition, our Interdisciplinary Exchange distance learning lectures are stored online and available for future viewing at any time via Internet, allowing for additional dissemination of the information. After completing each round, we award a digital badge to all participants who completed the course requirements. Further, our course promotes networking among participants that result in professional and personal relationships that will foster cross-departmental and cross-organizational collaboration.

The forum provides a unique opportunity to bring the host Mexican AGO closer to the community it serves. It consists of a one-day conference that includes a series of presentations about the oral, adversarial criminal justice system by experienced US litigators, followed by the enactment of a mock oral trial by operators of the state’s judicial host institutions, that includes prosecutors, defense attorneys, police officials and judges. The mock trial script strikes a balance between the exigencies of Mexico’s National Code of Criminal Procedure and the efficient fluidity typical of US trial litigation, and exposes the broader legal community, many for the first time, to the oral criminal trial. Additionally, the event is broadcast live via video conference technology, allowing viewers throughout the country to participate or view the event after the even was concluded.


The AG Alliance Partnership facilitates collaboration between U.S. and Mexican state Attorneys General’s Offices. Available services include:

Case Consulting

Help with case preparation, from investigation to presentation in court, by a U.S. criminal prosecutor experienced in oral trials.

Quick-Response Liaison

Direct contacts within the U.S. and Mexican state Attorneys Generals’ Offices for help on specific cases.

Office Reviews/Efficiency Audits

A team of experts observes and advises on processes and procedures, to help address a specific issue or give a general perspective.

Best Practices Consulting

Experienced professionals share hard-earned knowledge about issues in administration of justice.