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Social Justice & Equity Initiatives for 2021

January 7, 2021

Amazon and the Attorney General Alliance have partnered to create a forum to discuss these issues. We look forward to providing focused programing aimed at facilitating the exploration of these issues. We invite all of our public and private partners to join us towards this common goal.

California’s 4th Annual Report on Racial Identity Profiling

The California Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board published their fourth annual report on racial and identity profiling in policing in the state.

The report includes an analysis of around 4 million vehicle and pedestrian stops conducted by California’s 15 major law enforcement agencies.

In addition to the Board’s latest report, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) is highlighting recently expanded access to RIPA data on stops in schools and search discovery rates through online dashboards on OpenJustice.

Ultimately, this latest RIPA report aims to directly contribute to the conversation on police reform through:

  • Data and research
  • Policy recommendations
  • Accountability mechanisms

Giving communities, legislators, and law enforcement agencies the tools they need for innovative and critically-needed action.

Rooting Out Criminal Justice

Karl A. Racine (Attorney general for the District of Columbia) and Miriam Aroni Krinsky (former federal prosecutor and the executive director of Fair and Just Prosecution) wrote an Opinion Editorial on how President elect Joe Biden can root out racism in criminal justice.

Social Justice Initiatives and Consumer Protection Enforcement Event

Don’t forget to Join us at our Social Justice Initiatives and Consumer Protection Enforcement  Webinar on Thursday, February 11th from 1pm to 2pm ET.